Online Jeevanadi Reading?

Those who are not physically present and wish to seek the blessings of Maharishi.

First, the seeker gets an appointment for the day and time through the phone or email from our Jeevanadi Reader..

You must need to have a skype, it will be helps you to see the Jeeva Nadi Reading and Translator through a webcam attached at our end.

We will ask you to keep praying for the mercy of Atri Maharishi.

We will ask you to imagine one random number from 1 to 108.

We will ask you to tell the question / query you want to be answered (you will be allowed only maximum five questions).

Jeevanadi reader would flip the Nadi leaves and then read out the relevant answers from the dynamic palm leaves.

The answer is converting old Tamil into English, Hindi and Telugu.

Generally in this format of conversation Mata Anusuya Devi will intervene to seek more information / questions to Atri Maharishi on behalf of the seeker. The Maharishi will answer the question.

In some occurrence Maharishi will prescribe some Pujas also in case there is a problem which needs to be solved.

For further details contact us.

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