Introduction to Jeevanadi Astrology

Jeeva Nadi is a special Nadi that does not require a thumb impression and the text appears dynamically on the palm leaf in response to the client's query.

Maharishi Atri Jeeva Nadi:
Dynamic Astrology Predictions from Maharishi Atri and his consort Anusuya and his son Dattatreya is called Jeeva nadi.India is blessed with many ascetics and saints for many centuries. It is the tradition of Indian philosophy to impart the knowledge to those deserving wise persons so that it doubles the value.
Maharishi Astrology
"Dear, nadi Lovers, find Tiru Selva Muthu Kumaran very able and knowledgeable nadi Astrologer. He is young and yet thousands of readings are to his credit. The clients include many great personalities from all fields like Political to Cine world to doctors, pleaders, engineers, scientists and rationalists. Everyone has gone back satisfied with his readings and interpretation of intricate Tamil Poetic words. He is expert to explore the inner meanings of expressions, used by Maharishi for specific persons. It is an experience of life time to be in front of him and get divine words of Maharishi Atri and Mata Anusuya."

- Wing Commander Shashikant Oak, India.

Great Maharishis have been India's most valued deposit of wisdom and human understanding. Some of Maharishis have written life charts of many human beings of posterity. It is not an exaggeration to say that humankind is ever indebted to Great nadi sages or Maharishis as they are called in Indian context. Great nadi Maharishis were poets and have vision of things to come. In an uncanny manner drafted on Palm leaves and other material which they found fit to write.

One of Such Maharishi is Atri and his consort Mata or Mother Anusuya. They have written palm leaves which are totally different nature.

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