Vedic Remedies

Vedic astrology remedies are unique part of Vedic scriptures. Our ancient sages originated the abstract idea of remedial measures to mitigate and relief from the evil effects of planets; the problems are the result of one's Karmas of the previous birth or current life. Vedic astrology furnish the possibility of past life karma's, that you are getting today. Vedic astrology gives the proper solution through remedies to your evil effects. The remedies / Pariharas are solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions. The remedies are simple like pujas, chanting mantras, donating something, yagya, wearing ring etc., all these remedies depends upon the type of dosha you are having.
In astrology report based on analysis of all doshas, Dosha (flaw, unfavorable, danger) is a Sanskrit word. There are different kinds of doshas like, Manglika Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha, Putra Dosha, Pitra Dosha etc., through simple remedies to overcome all these types of doshas.

Homam is an ancient Vedic ritual, it is a fire sacrifice performed by a group of priests to invoke the Gods. One of the most effective and scientific approaches to remove the pain and suffering, due to our past sins...

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Yantra is more powerful than an image of god. According to sacred texts worshipping yantras can bring about prosperity, peace, health because God's reside in the yantras.

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Puja is the effective and most recommended form by the sages of ancient times; Puja is the act of indicating regard as sacred to a god. An important part of Puja for the votary is making a religious link with the godly through prayers, rites and request for divine help and guidance.

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Donation is one of the most easiest and effective remedy. Donations are many ways of giving to the poor, disables, orphan will get you the blessings and Good wishes and apart from that peace of mind. We are trying to become as instrument to help the poor and through your Donations. When you are willing to donate on your birthdays, anniversaries etc., by your name the Puja's and Dhaana's can be made for the poor or disables or to the orphan, depends on your wishes. A voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity.

If you don't get chance to donate money to the poor people means, simply give gifts to the children, help people in day-to-day life, help people in office, public places, temples, road, educational places, hospitals & all religious places etc., this way your life will become meaningful.

Since ancient times, fasting (abstinence from food and drink for a limited period of time) is the religious rites part of historical peoples, in some specific days fasting recommended for planets. During the fasting period the person whom take fasting is observed and using the rosary or rudraksha mala, to appease the planet through chanting mantras.

Meditation makes best possible remedial measure, it helps to relax the mind and protect from mistakes, free from tensions and increase awareness it helps to take good solution, improve body condition.

Japa is an important Anga of Yoga. It is the easiest and surest way for God-realization. Repetition of any Mantra or Name of the Lord is known as Japa. It is a spiritual food for the hungry soul. Feel God's presence in everything and everywhere. To repeat the name of God helps to quiet the mind and leads the devotee to a deeper understanding of his own divine nature. The vibrations of the japas/mantra are considered extremely important. Practice of japa removes the impurities of the mind, destroys sins and brings the devotee face to face with God.

Select any Mantra or Name of God; repeat it from 108 to 1,008 times daily, the early morning period is the most favourable time for Japa, take a bath or wash your hands, feet, face and mouth before sitting for Japa in the morning. Face east or north during the practice. Sit in a separate meditation room or in any suitable place, Use a rudraksha, rosary or tulsi mala of 108 beads. Use the middle finger and the thumb of the right to roll the beads. The use of the index finger is prohibited. Repeat it neither too slowly nor too fast.

Try to associate the Japa with the rhythm of the breath and meditate in the form of your Deity. Observe silence and avoid distractions, calls and engagements. Japa is purifying your heart, destroying desires, cravings and evil thoughts. Realize the glorious goal of life and enjoy supreme bliss.

Mantra means "to free from the mind" it is a strange divine formula, which if repeated will ultimately lead to divine consciousness. Mantra is a collection of letters scientifically arranged and energized by constant repetition. They give rise to definite forms; repetition of a Mantra has a mysterious power of bringing about the manifestation of the Divinity. It represents this very Consciousness; it becomes the means of awakening the hidden Consciousness in us. Chanting mantras of auspicious lines or words to overcome the problems, and also the sound patterns also work with different parts of the body and can affect the outcome.

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