Yantra is a sign describe of aspects of the nature of god. Actually Yantra is more powerful than an image of god. Yantra literally means "Instrument or Machine" and "to control, curb, bind or influence". It is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for reflection, concentration and meditation.

It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, symbolic circles, triangles and floral patterns that form fractal patterns of great quality and beauty. These are building on the unalterable laws of sacred geometry; it is the seeable form of an energy body, presented by a Mantra.
Yantra is an etching; engrave on a thin sheet of metal, (such as silver gold or copper) which symbolizes different forms of divinity meant for different purposes. Yantra is just a body without soul. Yantras are exclusively energized through an elaborate ritual and sequence of Pujas and Japams, conducting by well versed Vedic priest, to impart life energy of the concerned deity to the yantra. Each Yantra has different kinds of Puja. The number of Japams of certain powerful mantras also depends on different purposes. The energized yantra only help you to reduce the evil effects.

The energized Yantra will be rolled and placed in a small cylindrical it is called 'Amulet' (Taveez). A thread/chain can be put around this Talisman and can be worn by an individual around the neck, hip, or on the arm. It is a magical protection against evil or disease.

Benefits of Yantra's / Talisman:-
• To improve your life style
• Remove negative effects
• Good income and happiness
• Success in business / profession
• Wealth and fame
• Good health and active etc.,

"We will perform you to know which yantras to be beneficial for you. The specific purposes of yantras (pujas) will be calculated depending upon the days of your horoscope reading".

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