Marriage & Love Compatibility

"Marriages are made in heaven".
Vedic Astrology has a special system of marriage compatibility, between male and female and their horoscope charts. Chart compatibility is exact analysis of how the planetary positions in the charts. It is necessary to analyze placement of Mars, Venus, Shani, Rahu and Kethu also in both horoscopes. If these planets are badly placed either in your horoscope or your partner's horoscope, the married life will be in problem (like ego clash, lack of understandings, unhappy, divorce may be happen, child may not be born or life partner may be dead).
Getting a true love partner is very important work for good and prosperous life. It is highly suggest getting horoscope matched of both partners before entering into a relationship. So match making is very important for any marriage.

Star matching - Dhasa Poruttham
Star matching - the ten most important points to value in horoscope matching.

1. Dinam: - Fortune and prosperity factor.
2. Ganam: - Temperamental level of both gender.
3. Mahendram: - Progeny and happiness together.
4. Sthree Theerkam: - Longevity of relationship.
5. Yoni: - Satisfaction, sexual urge of nature, physical satisfaction for both.
6. Rasi: - Good emotional/mental fit compatibility of the couples.
7. Rasi athipathi: - Good relationship among groom & bride's parents & their family.
8. Rajju: - Longevity, strength and weakness in married life.
9. Naadi: - Physiological constitution and compatibility.
10. Vasiyam: - Mutual attraction to each other.

Generally, six out of ten points (including rajju) is matching, it is recommended for alliance.

Chevvai Dosh (Mangal Dosh /Manglik Dosh /Kuja Dosh):-
The chevvai dosh is analyzed by placement of planet Mars in horoscope of both partners in certain houses (1, 2, 4, 7, 8 & 12 from ascendant). Manglik dosh is not always gives in bad effects, there are many restriction in manglik dosh, it vary from person to person. So, without expert astrology verification you don't take any conclusion. Suppose if not analyze properly Mars can cause following effects:

1. Delay in getting married
2. Troubles in marital life
3. Disputes in marital life
4. Misunderstand in opinion
5. Ill effects
6. Divorce
7. Death of spouse

You will be able to know the following details after analyzing both your horoscope charts like":-

1. Longevity of the boy and the girl
2. Analyze their behaviors (temper, willingness, affection).
3. Capability of getting prosperous children
4. The general condition of health (body & mind)
5. Evaluate any long separation between them
6. Analyze for financial stability and growth
7. Star matching points & its description
8. Mars Dosh & remedies
9. Dasha sandhi

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