"Dear, nadi Lovers, find Tiru Selva Muthu Kumaran very able and knowledgeable nadi Astrologer. He is young and yet thousands of readings are to his credit. The clients include many great personalities from all fields like Political to Cine world to doctors, pleaders, engineers, scientists and rationalists. Everyone has gone back satisfied with his readings and interpretation of intricate Tamil Poetic words. He is expert to explore the inner meanings of expressions, used by Maharishi for specific persons. It is an experience of life time to be in front of him and get divine words of Maharishi Atri and Mata Anusuya."

- Wing Commander Shashikant Oak, India.

"You will become a famous astrologer, in very young age, you will write so many books related vedic Astrology and Naadi sastra. It is all to give enthuses to universe even though you will a very young astrologer". He has participate in the various Astrology competitions and he succeed and he got the award about article. In Astrology he got a very good fame, in young age, he has written "Panjamamey Prathanam" for this article he got gold medal award. You can refer the magazine Gnanachinthamani (13-05-1996)."

- Maharishi Dhayanantha Swamy, India.

"Jeevanadi readings by Selvamuthukumaran garu is really good, Amazing and excellent. I am very lucky to born in india and to meet such a nice persons in my life.These comments i am writing with my own experience. They are really good & genuine. Not at all commercial. Trust me. If you've any problems in ur life. Pls speak to them once. You will feel wonderful experience.I can't describe in words how good they are and i never forget them in my life. I feel much better after visiting them."

- Mahesh, UK.

"God Bless You All. I take immense pleasure in writing this testimony. I received my Nadi prediction from Dr. K Sundar Swamy and Dr. Selvamuthukumaran at Warangal (AP) Branch in 2003. After 7 years of realization of that prediction, I can say with entire firmness that it is 100% accurate. They are very dedicated and genuine people. Being an engineering student at NIT Warangal, I was thrilled with the level of detail and accuracy of the prediction. I am planning to visit them again."

- Sachin Sharma, USA.