Chevvai Dosh (Mangal Dosh /Manglik Dosh /Kuja Dosh)

Mars also known as Chevvai, it has lot of significance since it is a crucial planet in Astrology, it represent mind and body, Aggression, Courage, heroism, will power, victory, initiative, forthright attitude, impulse, passion, sexual desires etc. Kuja Dosh is an astrological combination that occurs the placement of the planet Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th &12th house of a birth horoscope chart it is called a Manglik Dosha /Angaraka Dosha/ Kuja Dosha. According to some sages, Mangal Dosha also occurs when Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the Moon and Venus.
A person having a Manglik Dosh in his or her horoscope should only marry a person who also has Manglik Dosh in his or her horoscope. Manglik dosh is not always gives in bad effects, there are many restriction in manglik dosh, it vary from person to person. So, without expert astrology verification you don't take any conclusion. Suppose if not analyze properly, Mars can cause following effects:

1. Delay in getting married
2. Troubles in marital life
3. Disputes in marital life
4. Misunderstanding in opinion
5. ill effects
6. Divorce
7. Death of spouse

You will be able to know the following details after analyzing both your horoscope charts like":-
You or your spouse is Mangalik dosh? Neutralize of the Magalik Dosh in your horoscopes, Results of Kuja Dosh, Effects of houses concerned with planet Mars, Suggestions of astrological remedies etc., We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of Manglik Effects.

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